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Comment puis-je communiquer avec l'organisateur de l'événement?

Mis à jour: 16/07/15

  • If you have questions about an event or if you wish to request a refund, contact directly with the organizer of the event. You can do this by responding to an email or from the details of your order or the event page.

Reply to e-mail confirmation of the order

Locate the email order confirmation and answer them (the organizer email is automatically entered in the address field To: ).

You will also find the organizer email in the email order confirmation address.

Tip: when you send a message to an organizer, we recommend that you add your phone number in your email, in case the promoters prefer to call you.


Show details of your order

You will find your order in the section My tickets under current controls . Click Manage Order .

If you want a refund, click Request a refund on the details page of the order.

To contact the organizer, click Communicate with the host . Enter your name, email address and message in the pop-up box that appears, then click Send Message .


Go to home page évémement

Tip: if you are unable to login or if you think you made ​​a mistake by entering the email address when you register, you can always contact the organizer from the event page.

The event page contains several buttons allowing you to contact the organizer .

Above the pop-up box described in option 2 will appear when you click one of these buttons.

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